Dextrose is on the left, Sucrose on the right, and Pocket is
riding on his papa.  While this is a nice, peaceful family scene,
neither parent seemed to like carrying the babies piggyback. 
Eventually, they learned that if they squeezed through the hole
in the nest box, the baby would be scraped off.  We once
observed Dextrose scraping baby Geri against the bristles
of a broom in an attempt to dislodge him. 

Nox and Nocturne, shortly
after they came out of the pouch.

Several members of the family squeezed into their food dish.

This glider (possibly Nocturne) is preparing for takeoff.
Her mental calculations were thoughtfully rendered in
English by her godfather Gernot in South Africa.

Nocturne (bottom) and Sucrose (top) hanging
out in the cat furniture on the back porch.