Ivan shortly after we found him (and before he got a haircut).


He needed a name that coordinated with Dmitri, so Chris suggested Ivan - and said that if we find one more Husky, we can have the Brothers Karamazov.


None yet.


Probably around September 1, 2012.


He appears to be a purebred Siberian Husky.


He's a bit smaller than Dmitri for the moment, anyway, and weighs about 55 pounds. He was on the underweight side when we got him and he may not be fully grown yet, so I imagine he'll fill out a bit and end up weighing more.


His bark is on the high-pitched side and I haven't been able to pick his howl out from the rest of the dogs yet. He doesn't "sing" like Dmitri does, but we're hoping he'll learn how to do it.


Chris was walking our dogs on the evening of June 15, 2013 when he spotted a dog running loose near the main road. A Border Patrol agent was stationed there and he'd been giving the dog water but couldn't leave his station to do much else. The dog ran off before Chris could grab him, so he came home and both of us set out to try to find him, fearing the worst if he continued to run loose. 

Chris, with the help of one of our neighbors who was passing by, caught him and brought him home. He had told me that the dog looked just like Dmitri but I was still startled by the resemblance when I first saw him. He had pretty clearly been dumped and for the first time, we didn't even bother looking for an owner. The poor guy was underweight, unneutered, didn't have a collar and tags or a microchip, and was generally unkempt looking. If he did have an owner, he or she was obviously not a good one.

People teased us a bit when we found Dmitri years earlier. After all, how often do people find purebred red Huskies running loose in the desert? And now we've found two. We have to wonder if someone in these parts is breeding them and dumping the unwanted ones. For all we know, Dmitri is Ivan's great-grandfather or something!


Ivan is little more than a puppy and acts accordingly. He is very playful - to the point of driving the older dogs a bit batty - and quite friendly both with dogs and with people. He hasn't displayed any aggression at all. 

It's pretty clear that no one had ever taught him basic dog manners, but he's a quick learner and has come a long way already. He did initially have a few annoying habits related to his unneutered state, but we had him neutered soon after we got him and those habits have died away already.

He is perpetually cheerful and overall a really nice guy to be around. No clue why someone left him by the side of the road in the middle of nowhere.


None so far. 


Going for walks and playing with anything and everything. Like most young dogs he likes to chew things, so we have to be careful what he can get hold of. There is a bite out of one edge of the doormat on the front porch, for example.


The male dogs have been a bit slow to accept him, probably because he wasn't neutered at first. Dmitri plays with him now, though - at least until Ivan wears him out. Brittany and Fiona will both share their beds with him.