The Crapmobile was the nickname for my 20-year-old, decrepit Nissan Sentra hatchback.  Note the missing middle side window and hatchback window.  The hatchback window was broken three times:  once when someone rear-ended me, and twice spontaneously (apparently temperature shifts in the Fall stressed and weakened the glass).  Nine months before it broke the last time, some lady failed to stop for a light and rear-ended the car while my husband was driving it.  The only thing damaged was the rear bumper, but that was enough to total the car.  The insurance folks would only insure it for the basics after that, which didn't include glass coverage.  When the hatch broke, we really didn't feel like spending $1,200 to replace it, so we just drove it as it was.  A few months later, the side window just fell out.

Until early 2004, it still ran just fine and - except for very slow acceleration - it handled like a sports car.  In January, however, I took it in because its brakes felt funny and was told it needed $1,000 worth of repairs.  That was the last straw, sad to say.  We bought a nice, shiny 2000 Nissan Sentra and donated the Crapmobile to charity.  I'll miss it...

The Crapmobile looks better in pictures than it does in person, believe
it or not.  Here it is in our driveway with Bobby, our tenant's dog. 
Note the missing side and hatchback windows.

Here it is the day it left on its final journey (August 6, 2004).
It's in its usual parking place in front of our tenant's trailer.

Being loaded onto the towtruck.
(The cinder blocks against the fence are blocking up holes our dogs dug.)

Off it goes!