Baby Finian checking out young Sasabe while playing with a stuffed duck.
He looks like he's looking right at her, but of course he wasn't.

As a puppy, checking out Charlotte.

Playing with an empty milk jug.

Attempting to sit on a sofa pillow.

This isn't the best picture of him, but it does give an idea
as to his size and it shows him with his full coat in.

Back to front:  Finian, MacKenzie (partially obscured), Bobby, and Spook.

With Brittany and MacKenzie. As a friend pointed out,
the blind dog is the only one looking at the camera.

On his seventh birthday, August 5, 2004.  Arlo, his biggest fan, is off to the right.

Finian with baby Calypso.
In the last month or so of his life, he decided the sofa was the place to be.
Neither of us was about to kick him off.