Getting ready for bed.

At one point, she had both back feet on one of the rungs of the ladder and appeared to be
attempting to climb up after my husband. I couldn't get the camera in time to catch that.

She often sits with her front paws crossed like this.

Hanging out with Aardvark on a windy afternoon.

Fiona (upper right) in the Dog Dormitory (formerly known as our front porch).
Clockwise from Fiona are Bobby, Brittany, and Dmitri.
There is plenty of room on the porch from them to spread out,
but sometimes they like to sleep all bunched up like this.

Taking a nap on a hot afternoon. She has her summer haircut in this picture.
Most of my pictures of her are taken when she's in bed,
since she's always moving when she's not asleep.

Taking a nap with Aardvark (Creedence).

Keeping an eye on a Colorado River Toad.
(Yes, these toads are poisonous. She doesn't mess with them.)

On her first day home after her knee surgery. 
The curious cats are, front to back: Solentiname, Ceylon, Mosaic,
Mold (one eye visible), and Calypso (on the cat tower).

With part of her collection of chewies and toys.
(We have now stopped giving our dogs bones because of the risks associated with them.)

Watching Lizard TV. 
The lizard is Francesco, our Bearded Dragon.