January 1999 - June 28, 2003

Geri (pronounced like Gary) was named after my friend Gernot in South Africa.  He assumed the duty of "godfather" to the gliders.
Very large, like his father, Sucrose.  The two of them were very impossible to tell apart except by their behavior.  It was several days before we knew whether it was Geri or Sucrose who had died.
Geri, like his mother Dextrose, was very friendly and outgoing.
Up until his sudden death, Geri was very healthy, with the exception of one incident.  He died very suddenly and without displaying any symptoms that we noticed.  We discovered him dead in the nest box when we put them out for the evening.  It looked like he'd died in his sleep.

He certainly didn't display the same symptoms as Nox and Dextrose did, so I doubt that he had liver or kidney failure.  I think perhaps his heart failed for whatever reason.  Ultimately, I think bad genes were at fault, as both his mother and brother died very young, also.

The remaining gliders were withdrawn and somewhat squirrely for some time after he died.  I'm sure they miss him, as do we.