The all-babies page!

These two little guys were rehab cases I wound up with overnight because the javelina rehabber was out of town.  They were born prematurely when their mother was hit by a car and then orphaned when she died shortly after giving birth.  They ate ravenously while I had them and we kept our fingers crossed.  We delivered them to the javelina rehabber the next day, but neither of them lived, despite all her efforts.  They were born too early and never got to nurse from their mother, so they didn't get the antibodies they needed.  The odds were stacked against them from the start.

These two babies, on the other hand, were raised by their
mother and her herd and are the picture of health.  For all
I know, they are still running around back at the old place
and have babies and grand-babies of their own.

The same two little ones.

A mama javelina and an older baby.

Peeking out from under mama.

Showing a little more confidence.

Mama "kissing" her baby.