Lily getting a drink on September 1, 2003 - the day we found her.

Wandering around in the yard.

In repose near the front door.

Having a drink with her friend MacKenzie (aka Wooly).

Posing (sort of).

Napping in the sun with Brittany, Arnold, and Charlie.

Showing off her summer haircut.

Eating mesquite beans in the yard.

Having a siesta in the planter.

Laying claim to a cow skull.

Settling in for a nap with Dmitri.

Lily and Aardvark (Creedence) keeping an eye on things.

Hanging out on the porch. This is my last picture of Lily - it was taken about a month before she died.
The black spot on her nose is a scar from a rattlesnake bite (not the cause of her death).