In the fall of 2002, Pocket developed an abscess on the back of his neck for some reason.  It blew open, leaving a very large, circular wound that required stitching.  We immediately separated him from the other gliders when we saw the wound, but after it was closed, put him back.  Big mistake...  The other gliders helpfully removed the stitches.

He went back in and got stitched up again, and this time, we kept him in the large, walk-in closet upstairs, away from the other gliders.  What we didn't anticipate was the amount of time the wound would take to heal.  Glider skin is very thin, and the thing kept partially healing, then part of it would break open again, requiring more stitches.  This went on and on for what seemed like forever.

We didn't want him to be completely separated from the other gliders for too long, because we feared it would cause problems when the time came to reintroduce him to the colony.  We ended up keeping him separate at night, but bringing the other gliders into the closet in a cage during the day, where they could see Pocket but not cause any problems.

It was a full six months before the wound healed completely and Pocket could be reunited with his family.  Fortunately, they all accepted each other with no problems and Pocket remained wound-free for the rest of his life, though he always had a small bald spot where the injury had been.  We still have no idea what caused the original abscess, however.