Arlo, not satisfied with just one pillow, uses 
Penelope for additional cushioning.

Arlo relaxing - as only a kitten can - in the hammock.

Looking casual.  Some cats cross their paws occasionally,
but Arlo sat this way more often than not.

Hanging out with Penelope, who was his best friend.

In one of his favorite spots:  a chair in the upstairs bedroom.

Curled up for a nap on the heated cat bed.

Taking a nap on the sofa.

Pulling off a rare and difficult three-paw cross on Finian's dog bed.

Taking over the remote control.

In Stalk Mode under the back porch rug.

Relaxing in front of the wood-burning stove.
He looks a bit bulgy on his left front side because
he had recently received subcutaneous fluids.

Contemplating some spring flowers during Supervised Outdoor Playtime.

Looking regal on a cat tower on the back porch.

The last picture of Goo, taken the evening before he died. I took it because he seemed
so happy and relaxed. He's a bit dirty because he had been rolling in the yard.