A pile of cats on the bed on laundry day.
Back to front: Mosaic, Sophia, Ceylon, and Flynn.

I have two sisters.  When we were very small, the first word all of us learned to say was "kitty."  It should come as no surprise, then, that all of us have multiple cats.  My older sister's count is somewhere over 20 (click here to visit them).  My husband's family has cats also, so he's no better off.
All our kitties who are old enough are neutered/spayed and all were former strays or "dumps."  They are indoor cats and do not go outside unsupervised, though we do let them out to play in the "cat playpen" every morning and evening.  The playpen is a large area that we've fenced in for them, and it includes grass, dirt, trees, and other fun stuff. 
My husband and I seem to wind up giving our cats both "given" names and nicknames, and frequently the nicknames bear no relation at all to the given names.  Multiple cats with multiple nicknames creates some confusion among friends, relatives, and veterinarians, but we manage just fine - as do the kitties.  On the cats' pages, I will mark with asterisks the name(s) each cat uses most frequently.
We have encountered numerous feline medical problems - more than seems normal even in a large group of cats.  Some of them have been fairly common cat problems, but a couple have been rather odd. 
Each cat with a significant medical history has his or her own "medical" page detailing symptoms and the way we dealt with the problem.  I'm hoping this information may prove to be useful to others.  If you are interested, click here for a summary of which cats had which illnesses and symptoms, or use the Medical Index button at the bottom of this page.
You'll see references to biscuits and making biscuits on all the cat pages.  Making biscuits refers to the kneading motion cats make with their front paws when they are happy, which looks sort of like someone kneading biscuit dough (the American kind of biscuits, which are similar to scones).  My family has always used the term and many people who know us have adopted it.  For a long time, we weren't sure if it was a genuine Southern American expression or something my father's family came up with, but since we've seen it used elsewhere recently, we're assuming the former.


In February of 2010, we began the Great Food Switch: we changed from dry food to low-carbohydrate canned food. Click here or the Cat Diet button at the bottom of the page to find out how and why we did this and the results we've seen.

I'm starting to put together a few videos here and there. Here they are:
Catnip For Everyone

Balloon Adventures


Ceylon's Fabulous Flying Leaps
Ceylon vs. the Door

Sophia Splash Part One

Sophia Splash Part Two
Sophia Splash Part Three
Sophia Splash Part Four
Sophia Splash Part Five

Aisling vs. the Paper Bag

Christmas Cats 2011
Cats vs. the Dry Food Box

Tortoise Rampage (it does involve cats)

H.P. and Esmée Eating

H.P. and Esmée Outdoors

Now, on to the cats.  I only wish the In Memoriam section were not so large, but it does go back a significant number of years.