October 1992 - December 22, 2004

Chris suggested it and I really liked the name.  Too bad we never used it...
Other given names considered:   Clementine.
October 1992.
Medium-sized.  As she got older, she developed a weight problem and ended up being on the tubby side.  She should probably have weighed around 10 pounds (4.5 kg) but at her high point, was closer to 14 (6.4 kg).

We were surprised she grew up looking so normal, let alone overweight, as she was the tiniest, frailest-looking little kitten we'd ever seen.

Pleasant and not very loud.  She was not much of a talker and talked to people, rather than just to hear herself.  When she did meow, it was often a double meow:  she said, "Meah-MEOW."
Purr:  Almost inaudible.  She always purred when I petted her, but I usually had to put my ear against her to hear it.
Biscuits:  When she was younger, she usually made biscuits when she first crept under the covers at bedtime, but rarely made them on any other occasion and never made biscuits on people.  As got got older, she pretty much grew out of making biscuits.
I worked at an Urgent Care for several years.  One day, I checked in a lady who'd been bit by a stray kitten she was feeding.  I doubt she would have come in for a minor bite under ordinary circumstances, but she was pregnant and therefore a little worried.  She was also distraught that the kitten had wound up in rabies quarantine at Animal Control because if she didn't have a home, she would be euthanized after the quarantine was over.
I agreed to adopt the kitten while in quarantine so she wouldn't be put down, and went to visit her after work that day.  I was expecting to find a five or six month old kitty and was shocked to see a miniscule, malnourished, tiny, four week old baby.  Luckily, I ran into an Animal Control employee with whom I had worked at the animal hospital, and she agreed to give the kitten special care.  She might not have survived quarantine otherwise.
She survived, though, and came home to live with me and terrorize the adult cats.  When she was little, we thought she was going to grow up to be a grey, striped cat, but she ended up looking exactly like Morgan, only smaller.
Quiet, mostly sedate, and reclusive.   Baby was a peculiar cat, possibly because she was taken from her mother too soon, or possibly due to her medical conditions (see below).  Baby was outgoing and fearless as a kitten, but in early adulthood, she decided she hated everyone but me - including Chris (my husband).   Chris helped raise her from a kitten and never gave her any cause to dislike him, but she did anyway.
When she was little, I thought she was deaf at first, as loud noises didn't seem to bother her in the least.  As it turned out she could hear just fine, but throughout her life, she continued to not be particularly frightened by things that would frighten most cats (loud noises, dogs, etc.).
Baby was very affectionate with me and in her younger days, could be very playful every so often, though she almost always played by herself rather than with the other cats.
Epilepsy; rattlesnake bite; diabetes; arthritis; hip dysplasia; enlarged liver (cause unknown); acute renal failure/bad reaction to Piroxicam.  See Details.
Helping me clean the house, watching wild birds, watching the skink, sleeping on my pillow, and giving Chris dirty looks.

Baby was very close to Morgan and not quite so close to any of our current cats.  She seemed to seek out Irene most often.

Not overly, but grew more cautious of it as she got older.