March 17, 1995 - December 13, 1999

Bobby lived with Graeme, the gentleman who shares our land with us. 
He is sorely missed by everyone who knew him.  The pictures on
Bobby's pages were taken by Graeme and belong to him.

Even as a kitten, Bobby's personality was very evident.  Bold, confident, and a bit combative, he reminded Graeme of Robert E. Lee; thus, the name Bobby seemed like a good choice.  Some time after Bobby died, Graeme acquired a dog whom he named Bobby after Bobby the cat.
Quite large, muscular, and very handsome.  I'm not sure how much he weighed, but he was easily as big as Morgan, though not nearly so fat.  In addition to being large, he had a no-nonsense, authoritative air about him that gave him the appearance of being able to handle anything or anyone.
From a distance, his size and coloring made him look like a bobcat, so his nickname was quite appropriate.
LOUD.  We always knew when Graeme was coming home because Bobby stood outside and yelled non-stop until he parked his car and got out.  During the summer of 1999, we fed Bobby while Graeme was on vacation.  He avoided us like the plague the whole time, but was so happy when his Papa returned that he actually meowed himself hoarse.
Graeme says Bobby liked to lie next to him at night, press his face into his hand, and purr and make biscuits vigorously. 
Bobby was a feral kitten living at the Pima County Fairgounds when a friend of Graeme's caught him and took him home, then gave him to Graeme.  This was a lucky break for Bobby, as he probably would not have lived very long as a feral cat.
Bobby loved Graeme - and loathed everyone else on the planet.  Once when I was outside talking to Graeme, Bobby forgot what he was doing and let me pet him, then abruptly realized what was going on, gave me a very dirty look, turned tail, and stomped off in a huff.  It was the only time I was ever able to touch him.  He wasn't necessarily scared of people; he just didn't like most of them.
He was quick to express displeasure when things weren't going his way.  One week it rained for several days and Bobby was stuck inside, which he didn't care for one bit.  On about the third rainy day, he went to the front door, saw that it was still raining, and swatted Graeme several times on his way back inside.  Apparently, he figured Graeme ought to be able to do something about the weather and was just being lazy.
Bobby was quite bold with other animals and did not tolerate other cats on his property.  Wary of our dogs at first, he soon learned they were no threat and proceeded to ignore them.  On more than one warm winter afternoon, I observed him curled up in a sunny spot with two of our pigs, so he obviously wasn't afraid of them.
What I'll remember most about Bobby, though, is how attached he was to Graeme and the way he meowed at top volume when he heard Graeme's car in the distance and didn't quit meowing until the car was parked and both of them were inside.  One image that is imprinted on my mind is Bobby getting in the car with Graeme at the gate, then riding happily in his lap to the parking spot.
Brain abscess.  See Details.
Patrolling his territory, teasing our cats, and hanging out with Graeme.
Graeme.  He liked to curl up with our pigs sometimes, but probably didn't regard them as friends.


I'm not sure if Bobby ever encountered a vacuum cleaner, but something tells me he would be more annoyed by it than frightened.