Ceylon on the back porch on a sunny afternoon.


He needed a name that would go with his sister's name (Sophia) and after a while, Ceylon popped into my head. I used to know a bird named Ceylon and always thought it was a cool name.


Kleenex. Poor guy... We started calling him that because he's so soft, fluffy, and boneless and it just stuck. He's also called Kleenexosaurus and Kleenexosaurus Rex.

Around May 18, 2010.

Ceylon is long, slender, and rather frowsy, with medium-long hair. When he was a baby, we were betting that he'd be on the large side, but as it turned out, he's somewhat petite - at least for our household. He weighs about 11 pounds (4.9 kg), making him by far our smallest male. He's a lighter red than his sister - more of a buff color.

His eyes are a yellowy-orange and he has a ridiculously long, poufy tail.


He started off as the quiet one but he's becoming more and more talkative as he gets older. When he wants something he's not shy about asking for it - loudly and repeatedly, if necessary. Click here for an audio sample.


Ceylon is our second-loudest purrer after Mosaic. He loves to nurse on my clothing and makes biscuits while doing so.


His history is the same as his sister's, so I'll repeat it here:

The Fall of 2009 through late June of 2010 was a stressful, depressing time in our household, as we dealt with both Andromeda's and Arlo's terminal illnesses then lost them both within a month. When Arlo died on June 24, we discussed adopting a kitten in the near future. We didn't plan on it happening the very next day, however.

When I called our cats' vet to let her know about Arlo, I learned that they had kittens up for adoption. A litter of four had been found motherless in the downtown area and needed homes. It's always nice for kittens to have playmates and we had room for two, so two it was.


Ceylon is a bit more rambunctious than his sister is when playing, but spends a lot more time sleeping and just sitting around than she does. He tends to watch what his sister does, then copy her actions. All in all, he's a placid, easygoing little boy and tends to be on the lazy side. 

He is quite the Mama's Boy.


None so far. 


He loves to wrestle with Sophia. Given the fact that he is larger than his sister, there is a good deal of squealing involved in this activity. Fortunately, he also enjoys playing with various toys and climbing. His favorite thing to do, however, is nurse on my shorts, then fall asleep in my lap. He's the most dedicated nurser I've ever had.

I've recorded some of his other hobbies on video.

Ceylon's Fabulous Flying Leaps (he's far too lazy to do this much anymore)
Ceylon vs. the Door (We have to keep the back door locked if we don't want him to open it. He no longer needs to use the scratching thing, either.)

He plays with his sister a good deal, but enjoys playing with Flynn and Mosaic, also. Flynn thinks he's neato and the two of them cuddle quite often, and Calypso plays tag with him during Supervised Outdoor Playtime.


He doesn't want me to vacuum him, but otherwise, he doesn't much mind the vacuum cleaner as long as it doesn't come too close to him.