This page and Page 2 contain pictures of Sophia and Ceylon together.
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The babies on their first day at our place (June 25, 2010). They were lying on their Papa.
Ceylon had a mild eye infection when we got him, which is why his right eye looks a bit irritated.

Eating lunch.

A playtime action shot.

Preparing to take a nap on the cat hammock. 
They look kind of like the orange cats on the fabric.

July 4th weigh-in. The scale is impossible to read in the pictures,
but Sophia weighed 14 ounces and Ceylon one pound, five ounces.

Posing on the cat tower.

Playing on the big cat tower. Solentiname was being pretty patient about it. 

Sophia checking out the big cat food bowls with
Mosaic and Dubh (who was rather dusty).

Preparing for a nap.

The computer desk is a popular hangout.