On a small cat tower.

Sitting on a cardboard box playhouse. (Every kitten needs one of these.)

Relaxing on the bed.

Ceylon with his stuffed lion. I bought it because it reminds me of him.

Naptime on the keyboard.

He likes to climb on things.

Relaxing with his surrogate mother, Flynn.

Watching the Patched Guy (a long-term rehab case) eat breakfast.

Relaxing on the back porch.

With his stuffed lion on the bed downstairs.

Showing off his magnificent tail on the ironing board.

Stalking Bobby during Supervised Outdoor Playtime.

Draped across the back of the recliner.

Stretched out on the cool tile.

Leaking off of things.

Stalking birds during Supervised Outdoor Playtime.
(He has never caught a bird.)