On the cat bed with Domo-Kun.

Sophia on her cardboard house.


She takes toy mice very, very seriously.

Sitting on the small cement berm in front of the back porch door.

Relaxing on the bed.

Sleeping on Aisling's stairs.

Preparing to take a nap with her stuffed friends.

She likes to sit like a frog.

Keeping an eye on things from the top of a cat tower.

Hanging out on the back porch.

Relaxing in a Fancy Feast box.

Being naughty on the birdcage.

Sleeping next to the wood-burning stove on a winter evening.

Catching sight of herself in the magnifying mirror.

Taking a nap, oblivious to the cat toys her Papa put on her.

Often when my husband would spot Sophia looking particularly cute, he would
exclaim, "Someone should put out cones!" The cones, he theorized, would
serve to warn people of her extreme cuteness.

So I found some toy traffic cones online.