Persephone posing on a cat tower on the back porch.


A long time ago, someone on posted in the persona of an entitled soccer mom with an oh-so-special child named Persephone Marie. I laughed - and then stored the name Persephone Marie in the back of my mind for future use because it really is pretty awesome.

Other names considered: Wednesday, Cirrus.


None yet.

Around April 1, 2012.

Pure white except for a tiny scattering of black hairs on the top of her head that are so faint they aren't visible in pictures. When we first got her, she had some silver shading and we assumed that she had Siamese ancestry and would likely become darker as she got older. Her vet thought that the silver shading would fade, leaving her entirely white. Her vet was correct.

Her eyes are a dark yellow-gold. She's on the petite side, weighing in at around eight pounds (3.6 kg).


She has a rather squeaky, high-pitched little voice and can be rather vocal when she wants food, but is otherwise pretty quiet.


She purrs readily at a medium volume and enjoys making "marching style" biscuits on my stomach when I'm in the recliner.


On June 6, 2012 at about 5:15 pm, my sister-in-law called me to report that while driving, she'd seen a small kitten run across the road and nearly get hit. The baby made it across the street and took refuge in a hole under a cluster of fan palms in front of synagogue where SIL was unable to reach her.

I threw a box into the car and headed over and after much effort and a good deal of bleeding (fan palms are really stickery), we managed to haul her out and stuff her into the box. She was not happy at all about this.

There wasn't much question about us keeping her. For the past twenty-plus years, whenever I've asked Chris what he wanted for his birthday or Christmas or whatever, his answer has always been "a fluffy white kitten." So now we have a fluffy white kitten.


Persephone was clearly a feral cat and was between nine and ten weeks old when we got her - past the ideal age for socialization. It took her a bit longer to get used to being a housecat than it would a younger kitten, but she eventually settled in quite nicely. More independent than many kittens, she still loved to be petted and have her little head rubbed and was quite affectionate, although feisty. She's getting sweeter and sweeter as she gets older.

Initially nervous about the big cats, she became quite the little punk and is mostly fearless around them. For some time, she wasn't interested in participating in Supervised Outdoor Playtime - perhaps because she'd spent her early kittenhood outdoors - but she enjoys it now.


None so far. Thank goodness she is negative for both Feline Leukemia and AIDS.


She loves the cat towers and spends a good deal of time on them and enjoys flinging cat toys around the house. One of her favorite things to do is to watch birds from the upstairs balcony door with Sophia.


Her best friend at the moment is Ceylon, whom she adores - though he does become impatient when she's too rough. She plays with Flynn, who is on the rambunctious side and can (mostly) keep up with her during play sessions. We were hoping she'd be friends with Sophia, but though Sophia is usually very placid and gentle, she tends to get rough when playing with Persephone.

She was wary of H.P. and Esmée at first, but now plays with them and washes them. She is especially fond of H.P.


 Yep. She runs upstairs when it's time to vacuum.