Irene as a baby.  Luckily, she grew into the ears.

Reading War and Peace.
(Yep: it really is War and Peace.  Chris had been reading
it, then got up to do something.  Bean, who was a
notorious seat-stealer, took his spot.)

Checking out the bathtub at the old place.

With Andromeda.
Kittens can be irritating, but they definitely make good pillows!

Taking a nap on the back of the sofa in August.  
Everyone else was hot and miserable, but Irene was in her element.

Irene was deathly afraid of ceiling fans, but 200+-pound (91 kg)
Finian never bothered her a bit.

Taking a nap on the front porch with four-month-old Calypso.
Calypso was the twelfth and final kitten Irene helped raise.