At the beginning of 1998, Morgan was very close to his ideal weight and was looking good.  Then he began to drop weight fast and for no apparent reason.  Bloodwork and a physical exam turned up nothing out of the ordinary.  By mid-February he looked a bit depressed, so I took him back in to the vet.  This time, tests showed a urinary tract infection so we started him on antibiotics.
After less than a week, he was not only not responding to the antibiotics, but was looking more depressed and bloated in the abdomen.   We went back to the vet and this time, we did x-rays, which were not normal.   At this point, Morgan's condition was deteriorating, so the vet decided to do an exploratory surgery right away.  The surgery revealed fluid in the abdomen and a large, inoperable tumor on his liver.  There was nothing we could do to help him at that point, so it was time to say goodbye - too soon, as always.

At first, there was some concern that Morgan might have had FIP (Feline Infectious Peritonitis), which is a fatal and contagious disease which frequently causes fluid buildup in the abdomen.  It is fairly certain this was a false alarm, though, and that liver cancer was the real problem.