Baby pictures and pictures of the two of them together are located on this page.
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Playtime for bobtail babies is interrupted
by the sudden need for a nap.

Orion (front) and Andromeda (back)
investigating the basket.

Andromeda (left) and Orion getting ready to take a nap.

An action shot of Orion exiting the toy basket
(which was mostly empty because they'd
scattered the toys around the house).

An action shot of Andromeda with her puff-ball toy. 
The puff ball toy did not survive her kittenhood.

Andromeda (left) and Orion on the back porch.
Note the difference in size between the two.

Naptime.  Orion is on the left and Andromeda on the right.

Andromeda (left) and Orion (right) relaxing in the living room.