Here, in no particular order, are some pictures of various places in Arizona.
I took them back in the days before we had dozens of animals and career-type
jobs and could go gallivanting around the state at will.

After a summer monsoon storm at Saguaro
National Park East (Tucson, Arizona).

Fall colors at the top of Mt. Lemon (Tucson, Arizona).
Although Mt. Lemon is situated in the middle of a desert, it 
is 8,000 feet tall (2,438 meters); therefore, at the top of the 
mountain there are pine forests and ski slopes.
(Note:  I'm desperately trying to find the original
picture so I can re-scan it and make it larger.)

A view of the Grand Canyon (northern Arizona).

Sycamore Canyon (south of Tucson, near the Mexican border).

An area in the foothills of the Santa Catalinas, on the
way up to Mt. Lemon.  It is usually dry, but this picture was
taken during the monsoon season, after a heavy rain.