Arivaca Cienega, a wetlands area between our place and the Mexican border.
In the summer of 2004, my husband was hiking here and saw a mountain lion.
This picture and the one below were taken some years ago in the fall.

More Arivaca Cienega.

This is what Arivaca Cienega looked like on September 17, 2005 after a good monsoon season.

Part of the town of Arivaca is visible in the background.  The pointy mountain is Baboquivari.

The view from one of the lookout points on Mt. Lemon.
It may have been Geology Point Vista, but I'm not sure.

Desert grassland area, possibly near Sonoita.

Taken about a mile from our house during the first monsoon storm of the summer of 2004.
The Sierrita mountains are in the background.

The Baboquivari range on a cold January morning in 2010.