Calypso climbing trees during Supervised Outdoor Playtime.

Posing for the centerfold.

Relaxing with Wooly (MacKenzie).

Hanging out with Aardvark (Creedence) and Bobby during
Supervised Outdoor Playtime.  Calypso loves dogs.

Stalking a lizard during Supervised Outdoor Playtime.
Her tail is not puffed up in alarm:  it's always that fuzzy.
(Yep, that's a Gila Monster.  I removed Calypso immediately after taking the picture.)

Calypso at sunset during Supervised Outdoor Playtime.

Calypso has very pretty orange eyes.

Relaxing on one of the snake cages.

She likes to sleep late on the weekends.  (Late = until about dinnertime.)

We had booted the dogs off the porch so we could vacuum and mop. 
Calypso seemed intent on letting them back in.

Calypso is quite large for a girl cat. In this picture, she looks kind 
of annoyed about that, but she really isn't fat - just unusually large.