This page and Page 2 contain pictures of Flynn and Mosaic together.
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The babies' first picture, taken shortly after their arrival home on March 22, 2009.

Exploring on their first day.

Preparing to take a nap on their heated cat bed.

Hanging out on the sofa.

The babies' first weigh-in. They were five weeks old at the time
and both weighed approximately 24 oz (680 g), but Mosaic was
walking around on the scale, causing the reading to fluctuate.

Dinner time!

They like to play on this small cat tower.

Nap time with Square (Andromeda).

Sleeping on their papa.

Playing on Aisling's stairs.

Sharing the bed with Mold (Molly Maguire), who was being very patient.

Helping me prepare my lunch.