Molly's first picture, taken the day we found her.  Her poor little eyes 
are glued almost shut from an infection.  We figured she needed a stuffed 
animal, so we used Tamerlane's stuffed shark.

Playing with toys.

Meeting her Uncle Arlo, who was probably responsible for saving her life.

Taking a nap.  Note the round little tummy.  (Molly is a good eater.)

Taking a nap in the firewood container with Dubh.

Hanging out on the cat tower with Dubh.
This was the last picture I had of her with her eyes open for about a year.  
She now squeezes them shut when I take pictures.
We theorize that she is protecting her good eye.

Cuddling on the pillow with Dubh.

Looking sultry.

Relaxing in front of the wood-burning stove.

Hanging out with Flynn.

Looking contemplative on the back porch.

At the very top of one of the six-foot cat towers.

She sits like this a lot.