These two pages contain a variety of pictures of non-arachnids.

These are Giant Desert Centipedes. We see them every so often and in the past,
kept one overnight and fed him mealworms, which he ate quite readily.
They can grow to be over six inches long and are very intimidating looking
- with good reason, as they have a pretty nasty bite.

The guy in the last picture obligingly showed up
as I was inserting insect pictures on these pages.

I'm not sure what kind of caterpillar this is.

These grasshoppers shown up every now and again in the summer.
I've heard them called Horselubber grasshoppers.

This looks like some kind of Praying Mantis-dragonfly hybrid. I have no idea what it is.

Two views of a Darkling beetle.

This friendly Darkling beetle hung out on my hand for quite a while.