This page contains a random assortment of spiders and scorpions.
I'm not sure what some of the spiders are, so if you know, feel
free to use the E-Mail Me button at the bottom of the page and let me know.

Here is the whole series of Black Widow vs. Scorpion pics.
The two were in our upstairs shower, which was a bit alarming.
We waited until the spider appeared to be finished with her meal (we used
the downstairs shower in the meantime), then relocated her outside.

An adult female Black Widow suspended above the floor of our back porch.

An adult male Black Widow. He's the only one I recall ever seeing.
The males are harmless, but I relocated him anyway so he wouldn't
meet up with a female and produce hundreds of offspring in my house.

I think this is a Southern House Spider.

This may also be a Southern House Spider, though she looks a bit different.
She built an interesting funnel-shaped web.

Your guess is as good as mine. Looks like the same kind as the one in the first picture on this page.
We saw several of these guys around for a couple of years but haven't seen any since then.

Wolf spider? It's quite handsome, whatever it is.

A big, fat spider - perhaps a female about to lay eggs?
I think she is a Huntsman spider.

I believe these are all Huntsman spiders. We have lots and lots of
Huntsman spiders at our place from late spring through the fall.

This is why we have lots and lots of Huntsman spiders.

I've seen several Huntsmans sleeping (I guess) all wadded up in corners like this.

I'm not sure what happened to these two guys, but it may have something to do with
them living in a household with multiple cats. Both of them seemed to get around quite well.

Perhaps an oddly colored Black and Yellow Garden spider? She looks like a big egg with legs.

Two shots of the same Black and Yellow Garden spider.
Not sure what she was eating, but it doesn't look very appetizing.

A lovely female Black and Yellow Garden spider.

Spiders' lives don't always have happy endings.