My goal is to someday get a picture of a Giant Desert Hairy scorpion.
They're huge, scary looking, and thoroughly cool, but I've only seen
two of them and couldn't get the camera in time in either case.

The picture makes him look much larger than he actually was.
I'm not sure what kind of scorpion he was, but he probably was not a Bark scorpion.

This appears to be the same type of scorpion as the one above.
I learned from this cool, interactive scorpion anatomy site that the odd-looking white
protrusions behind the third set of legs are called pectines. They're a type of sensory organ.

In our household, scorpions are scooped into a cup, then relocated outside.
The one in the bottom picture charged to the front of the cup while I was taking his
picture, causing me to scream like a girl and almost drop him.

These are solpugids, which are also known as camelspiders, sun spiders, or wind scorpions.
They aren't really spiders or scorpions, and although they look intimidating, they are harmless.
I have no idea why the one guy was mooning me.