January 1999 - May 19, 2005

It just seemed like a good name for a glider, seeing as they're marsupials and all.  Of course, being male, Pocket didn't have a pouch.
Small to medium.  He was halfway between his mother's and father's size.
When he was young, Pocket was quite shy.  As he grew older, however, he became more outgoing.  By the time we had just him, Sucrose, and Nocturne, he was the most outgoing of the three and usually the first to approach people.

Apart from the condition mentioned on his medical page, he was quite healthy.

Pocket suddenly collapsed and died less than 24 hours after I took the picture on this page.  He had acted perfectly normal when I took the picture and there were no indications he was suffering from any illness.  We suspect that his heart failed, which is what we also suspect happened to his brother Geri.