Solentiname's first picture, taken on the day she came to live with us (June 24, 2006).

She started playing right away.

For some reason, she is attracted to these metal cats.

Dubh, who is out of camera range, got a bit too close and startled her.

She enjoys napping on the kitchen rug, perhaps because it's the same color as she is.

Concentrating hard on something (probably a mesquite bean).

Baby's first tree-climbing experience!

A rare moment of socialization with one of the big cats.  This peaceful scene with 
Calypso lasted for approximately 90 seconds, then they both freaked out.

Hunting flies in the kitchen sink.  (Her papa put her on the kitchen counter.)

Taking a brief rest during Supervised Outdoor Playtime.

She's getting a little darker as she gets older.

Relaxing on one of the snake cages.

Do Not Disturb.

Just Do It.

Showing off her lovely blue eyes while hanging out in one of the box turtle enclosures.