Clyde looking regal with Josephine behind him.


He came to us with that name.


Some time in 2009.  


China Brown (aka Chinese Brown).  This breed isn't usually very large, but Clyde is huge. Josephine is quite petite, so the two make a bit of an odd couple.


Lysander collapsed and died very suddenly on March 28, 2013, leaving Josephine alone for the first time in her life. She was very distressed and for a long time, just sat next to the place where he'd died, looking lost and confused. While he was live, she rarely strayed more than a few feet from him. We knew we had to find her a mate ASAP and therefore I put in a call to a wildlife rehab friend who sometimes had geese up for grabs.

As luck would have it, she knew someone who was looking for a home for a male goose who had recently lost his mate. Though the goose's owner was quite attached to him, he thought it best that he find a home in a rural area with a mate. Clyde came to live with us on March 30.


At first Clyde attacked us every chance he got, but he was very courteous toward Josephine. His attacks were a bit alarming because of his size, so we hoped he would get out of that habit - and sure enough, he did. After he'd had time to settle in and realize that we weren't any threat to him or his new mate, he proceeded to ignore us.

In general, Clyde is more assertive and territorial than Lysander was and spends more time honking and hissing at the dogs through the fence and engaging in similar activities. 


He has a wing deformity commonly called "angel wing." It affects his appearance but not his health, and thus is nothing to worry about.


Patrolling his territory and ripping to bits the sod we put in the enclosure for him.

Like most geese, he enjoys being squirted with the hose.