Lysander guarding Desdemona while she enjoys a swim.

Gabriel and Lysander looking fascinated by an 
unexpected Easter Sunday snowstorm.

This is where Gabriel stayed when I cleaned the geese's enclosure 
during breeding season.  This prevented him from attacking and 
attempting to mate with me...  Lysander usually kept him 
company by standing near the cage until he was released.
Later, we used an empty aviary to confine him, instead of the smaller pen.

Lysander demonstrating a lack of table manners 
while picking greens out of the water.

Gabriel and Lysander temporarily hanging out in the backyard.

Gabriel and Lysander in the bathtub on a very hot day.

A close-up of Lysander in the car on the way to the vet to have his left eye checked out.

Clyde and Josephine playing musical chairs around the food bowl.