Clyde and Josephine

We hadn't really planned on getting geese.  They just sort of happened.  In February of 1997 I attended a wildlife rehabilitation conference in Phoenix, Arizona and one of the other rehabbers there was giving away free geese.  That makes it sound like they were some bizarre sort of door prize, but she was actually trying to find homes for members of a group of around 20 geese who'd been dumped on a Phoenix golf course.  She'd rounded them up before they could be killed by roaming dogs or idiots with guns.
We had an enclosure on our property that was suitable for geese so we figured, why not?  I selected a male and a female China Brown, later named Lysander and Desdemona, and endured a deafening 2 hour trip back to my place with them in the back of the car.

That's the way it all started.  The stories of our acquisition of Gabriel, Ophelia, Josephine, and Clyde are related on their pages.   Gabriel's story is quite silly and has a "surprise" twist.


There is just one goose video so far. I took it on the day Clyde first came to live with us:

Clyde and Josephine: March 30, 2013


If you have geese, try squirting them with a garden hose.  All of the geese we've had have absolutely loved it.  They stand at attention, facing into the spray, then when I'm finished squirting, they run around the enclosure, flapping their wings and squeaking.


I've included a Basic Information page with a few goose tips and descriptions of some of our experiences.  Click the Basic Info button below to get there.