(We only had Ophelia for a couple of months 
and I do not have a picture of her.)

1997 - August 1999

From the character in Shakespeare's Hamlet.
Embden.  Ophelia was, unfortunately, born with multiple handicaps and as a result, was much smaller than a normal Embden.  Her legs were deformed and she had a difficult time walking and swimming.
We told our neighbors about Gabriel turning out to be a male instead of a female.  They thought we should have a female, so gave us Ophelia, a year and a half-old female.  She was so small, we initially thought someone had miscalculated her age.  Later we learned that her size was due to some serious physical problems.
Sweet and a bit shy.  Ophelia was not assertive at all.  She got along well with Lysander, who was very polite to her, but we had to keep her separate from Gabriel, who tried to beat her up.
Multiple physical deformities and apparently, organ failure.  She became very ill and had to be put down after we'd had her for a couple of months.  We aren't sure if she had a specific condition or just had been unfortunate enough to be born with several different problems.

She didn't get around very well and thus didn't have too many hobbies, but she did love being squirted with the hose.