These two will share a pictures page until they're a bit older.

The babies' first picture, taken on April 30, 2013, shortly after we found them.
Esmée is on the left and H.P. on the right.

Learning how to eat solid food. 
(This required putting both front feet into the food bowl.)

Investigating the litterbox.

Cautiously checking out the world.

Preparing to take a nap.

Meeting Aisling - with a very appropriate T-shirt in the background.
We covered the backs of the chairs with T-shirts to prevent kitten heads from getting caught in the bars.
Esmée, however, crawled under one of the shirts and got her head caught in the bars anyway,
fortunately when I was at home. We now have new chairs without bars.

Relaxing under the watchful gaze of their stuffed Cthulhu.

Hugging each other on a cat tower. 
You can see Esmée's faint stripes in this picture.

Being curious about what I'm doing with the camera.

Sharing a cat tower with Persephone.

Laying waste to the double-decker cat hammock during a wrestling match.

In a tree during Supervised Outdoor Playtime.
(Esmée is on the left.)